How does tanning oil work

In this article, we will discuss what is tanning oil and what does tanning oil do. You must have seen these beautiful bottles on the store shelves. So, is it safe to use tanning oil? And does tanning oil work?


What do tanning oils do? The key difference between tan oils and other “solar” means is the acceleration of the solar bath process itself and the intensive display of bronze shade. This is achieved by a smooth reflective coating on the skin, which attracts ultraviolet light, accelerating the protective reaction – melanin production and dark skin tone.

Also, tan oil is convenient and economical to use because it is much easier to spread over the body surface than cream or lotion. Tan oils are usually absorbed faster, leaving pleasant sensations on the skin. At the same time oils – both cosmetic and natural – due to the high content of fatty acids significantly nourish and soften the skin.


Tan oils also have a serious minus – they are unable to effectively protect the skin from the negative influence of the sun, which provokes its damage and photoaging.

Most oils have an extremely low SPF factor: up to 8. That is why such agents should be used on the skin that has already lit. In the first days of rest, it is better to use tanning oil with SPF, and then, when the skin acquires a dark shade, to switch to tan oils.

Another solution is to add oil to sunscreen or lotion, gradually increasing its number. It is better to apply denser agents with SPF 50 protection level – special sticks or dense creams.

If you have light skin tan oil can be used exclusively together with sunscreens, otherwise, the risk of harm and serious burns is high. At the same time, most oil products for tan do not differ in water resistance, so it is necessary to update their application after each contact with water.

What ingredients are essential in a tanning lotion? The best tanning lotions contain vitamins C and E to protect against burning and skin damage. They are antioxidants that defend against UVB and UVA radiation. But no, they are not sunscreen filters. They are photo-protectants that you’ll find in sunscreens and tanning lotions alike.

In fact, almost every plant and animal on the planet uses vitamins C and E to defend themselves from the sun. Together, these vitamins protect against swelling and inflammation, as well as premature aging and skin cancer. Moreover, every good tanning lotion is rich in moisturizers. They contain humectants and the closest as well as emollients.

Humectants like glycerin, honey, and panthenol, draw in moisture. They humidify the skin. Although humectants work best on damp skin, if the tanning lotion is water-based, sometimes that’s enough. (You can tell if it’s water-based if the first ingredient is water.)

Then, after the skin is infused with water, you need occlusives to seal in the moisture. These are fatty alcohols, silicone, and oils. For example, most indoor tanning lotions are silicone-based. They leave the skin feeling like silk, and they aren’t greasy at all.

Finally, emollients like silicone or dimethicone fill in the skin’s microscopic gaps to make it smooth. That’s why a high-quality tanning lotion makes your body feel incredibly soft without making your skin tacky or oily.

Under what conditions will tanning oil work?

The vast majority don’t understand what tanning oil does to give you an ideal tan, so to offer you a basic response, tanning oil will possibly work best to give you impeccable outcomes in the event that you have a base tan. Tanning oils don’t misleadingly help the tanning procedure yet upgrade it normally. However, there are a few things you have to consider with the goal that tanning oil can be powerful.

  • Apply it appropriately all over your body it doesn’t make any difference in case you’re going to tan that piece of your body or not. Overexposure to the sun causes your skin to evaporate rapidly and evacuates the supplements in your body. It’s simpler to use a sprayer so you can apply the tanning oil appropriately and equitably and furthermore to stay away from wastage to all aspects of your body the UV beams will reach.
  • Allow the tanning oil to sink into your skin because that is the main way it will work. Tanning oils are intended to remain on your skin as well as to get consumed by your skin with the goal that they can hydrate and revive your skin just as replenish all the lost supplements during tanning.
  • Don’t wash off the tanning oil because it works best on the off chance that it remains on your skin for longer until it gets altogether used up. Along these lines, in case you’re heading off to the seashore to get your tan, it’s ideal to use water-resistant tanning oil.

How to use tanning oil.

We collected some tips on how to better use the oil for tanning. With these simple tips, you will be able to achieve a beautiful tan on the skin.


In order for the oil to be evenly distributed, first you need to cleanse the skin well. In order to clean the dirt, you can use shower gel. But it will be better to clean the skin with a body scrub too. The scrub will remove small exfoliations and corned skin. It is because of them that tanning can lie unevenly. If you have no scrub at home, you can easily make it by yourself. For example, mix ground coffee with a few drops of orange essential oil.

Also, instead of scrub, you can use a brush for lymph drainage massage of the body. Her pile smears the cornea skin well.

Application of tanning oil.

After you have cleaned the skin well, you can start applying tanning oil. Pour a small amount of oil in your hand and distribute it throughout the body. It is important to distribute it evenly. Make sure the oil covers your entire body. At first, it may be difficult for you to distribute the oil evenly. Over time, you will get used to it. You will definitely succeed with him.


After you have planted tanning oil, you can go sunbathing. You don’t have to worry about your skin. Oil with SPF factor protects your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The oil will absorb the sun’s rays and accelerate the sunbathing process. Don’t forget to take sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Have fun and swim.

You can forget that on your skin oil for sunbathing and just do your business, have fun. You can swim in the water, do not be afraid to wet your skin. After swimming, remember to update the oil layer for sunbathing. Apply the oil again to extend its duration.


After sunbathing, be sure to moisturize your skin. You can use fat body cream. After sunbathing, the skin will be a little dry, even if you used oil for sunbathing. Dry skin has a bad effect on the appearance of tanning. In this way, it is important to moisturize it well, and then the suntan will lie evenly and beautifully.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

The company Ed Hardy offers a wide range of tanning lotions that can help you get a gorgeous flawlessly tanned skin with that golden irresistible glow you were hoping for. Due to excellent tanning effect, lavish skin hydration, and its intoxicating fragrance, the Coconut Kisses lotion holds leading positions in the sales volume amongst other products.

Note that the lotion has no SPF is not here, so if you wish to sunbathe on the beach under the blazing sun rays, be sure to use this tanning lotion in combination with an efficient sunscreen product. The bottle volume of 13.5 ounces will definitely last a long time.

Body fit function

Another important advantage of Ed Hardy lotion is the BodyFit™ function. Regular use of this suntan oil will boost the elasticity of your skin, promote its firmness, and give it a healthy glowing look. Moreover, the active ingredients will effectively fight cellulite formations on your thighs or legs and visibly reduce its appearance. With the help of this lotion, your body will stay slim and fit and you will look absolutely gorgeous in your swimsuit on the beach.

Sunbathing or swimming? How about both?

When sunbathing on the beach, many people who are longing for that gorgeous tanned smooth skin look often deprive themselves of the pleasure of a refreshing dip in the cool water. They may avoid swimming after applying the tanning solution in fear that it will instantly wash off in the water.

With the tanning oil from Banana Boat, you no longer need to worry. This summer you will be able to enjoy a refreshing swim whenever you choose. This oily spray perfectly repels water and will stay on your skin for up to 80 minutes after swimming. Therefore, you can comfortably relax at the beach, alternating sunbathing with swimming as you wish.

Maui Babe Natural Tanning Oil

Coffee Plant Extract, which is contained in this browning lotion, is a powerful antioxidant. It enhances the blood circulation that improves the delivery of nutrients to skin cells, accelerates the process of their rejuvenation, triggers new cell generation. As a result, it boosts the firmness of your skin, increases its elasticity, and fights the signs of fatigue. Coffee extract restores skin radiance and prevents it from drying out. Yet, its benefits do not end here. This effective natural remedy prevents skin redness and irritation as well as protects it from the harmful effects of UV radiation. It is important to note that it can hardly be a good substitute to a sunscreen product due to the absence of a sun protection factor (SPF).

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil

This tan oil with SPF has an important ingredient in the composition of this fabulous Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil is the Eucalyptus Oil. This fantastic oil with fresh calming scents not only provides a powerful soothing effect but also offers excellent healing properties. It effectively promotes faster healing of small wounds, cuts, scars, or sores. Together with aloe extract, it will allow you to experience an invigorating fresh coolness when lying on the beach on a boiling hot day.



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